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2019 How Much Does A Fence Cost in DFW?

This fence would cost approx $24-$30 per ft

There are many articles out there that are way out of touch with reality when you are dealing with the price of a new fence from fence companies in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. I will break it down to more realistic numbers for you based on the experience I have estimating against other companies.

Some companies are higher or lower in price depending upon the size of their company, their suppliers, if the owner installs or if the company subs the work out to crews, materials and labor costs.

Wood Fence

Assuming metal posts and a minimum of 100 linear feet. Price goes up per foot the less footage you have. Jobs minimums are between $400-$1000. Price includes materials, labor, tear out and haul off of existing fence.

Style Wood Price per foot Stained

Builder Grade Fence Spruce $17-$24 No

1x4x6 Side By Side Cedar $23-$26 No

1x6x6 Side By Side Cedar $28-$32 Yes

1x4x6 Board on Board Cedar $30-$38 Yes

1x6x8 Side By Side Cedar $38-$46 Yes

1x6x8 Board on Board Cedar $42-$52 Yes


2x6x6 Kickboard Treated $2 - $3

2x6x6 or 2x6x8 Cap Cedar $3 - $4

1x4 and 1x2 Trim Cedar $1 - $2

Extra Gates $100 - $300

Chain Link Fence (100' min)

4' Chain link Galvanized $9 - $12

6' Chain link Galvanized $10 - $16

8' Chain link Galvanized $16 - $21

Things to consider are number of gates, commercial or residential grade and if it has barbed wire on top, top rail and bottom rail or tension wire.

Wrought Iron Fence (100' min)

6' Flat Top Powder Coated $21 - $26

8' Flat Top Powder Coated $26 - $34

Things to consider are number of gates, if it goes in the dirt or concrete, style, etc. This is an economical residential grade fence.

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