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Fence Staining in DFW

Ameristain has been staining fences in the Dallas - Fort Worth metropolis since 1998.

After you give us a call and setup an estimate for fence staining, we will arrive at your property and take a measurement of the area to be stained. We will determine the best solution that will give you the best results. For some fences it is required that it goes through pressure washing of the old stain, mold and mildew before staining, others have mismatched woods and or previous stain that will not come off with pressure washing alone and others are slightly molded or no mold at all. Based on what we see we will offer you a semitransparent or solid stain. We also base our recommendation on the type of wood and whether or not we think a certain brand will look better than another.

For those wondering, stain is not just adding pigment to the wood for coloring. There is a combination of oil, mineral spirits and pigment added into the formula to add color and to seal the wood.

After our quote has been accepted by you we generally schedule the job to be done within a week or two depending upon the weather. We cannot stain in the wind or rain. Your fence must be dry enough to be able to accept the sealer and allow it to penetrate into the wood. Drying time in Texas usually can be achieved overnight after the fence has been prepped.

We use shields, drop clothes, plastic to cover pools and equipment as well as other methods when staining your fence or wood structure. The equipment of choice used to spray your fence is an airless sprayer, we do not roll or brush. We apply 2 coats of stain wet on wet or per manufacturers recommendation. Typically about 250-350 sq feet of fence is coated per gallon.

Your fence should maintain its appearance and function for approximately 4-5 years before you need to go through the process again.

For more information or questions, give us a call. Thanks for reading.

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