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Take these simple steps for your spring home maintenance

Spring is nearly here, and you may be thinking of warm evenings and weekends by the pool. But before you get into relaxation mode, remember there are still some necessary chores that need tending before the hot weather arrives. Keeping up with home maintenance will help you get ready for summer, and here are some tips on how to prepare for the changing seasons.

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Deep cleaning. Before the really hot weather arrives, some experts recommend doing some spring cleaning to rid your home of allergens and dirt. It’s also nice to go into summer-mode with your home more organized and freshened. Here are some suggestions:

Shampoo your carpets. Cleaning carpets at least once every year helps cut down on allergens. You can rent a machine and do this yourself or call a professional service.

Your refrigerator. Sort through the containers in your fridge and you may find some long-forgotten leftovers. Cull the expired and spoiled foods and give the shelves a good scrubbing. You should also shut off the power to your refrigerator and vacuum the coils. The coils are located behind the kickplate on the bottom of the front of your fridge. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum.

Oven. Clean your oven so you are ready for family gatherings and potlucks.

Windows. Spring is a great time to give your windows some attention. Wash them inside and out before hot weather hits.

Window treatments. Curtains and blinds should be cleaned. Blinds can be wiped clean, while curtains should be taken down and washed. If you can’t wash them, take them outdoors to shake out dust.

Furniture. Vacuum upholstery and wipe down wooden parts. A handheld vacuum is perfect for this task because it can get to tight spots that a standard vacuum can’t.

Cupboards. Wipe clean your kitchen cupboards, inside and out.

Organize your pantry and spices. Cull expired goods and reorganize your items. Keep a list of items you plan to replace. Wipe down your storage area as you go.

Closets. Dig through your closets and reorganize them, pulling unused items. Donate items that you no longer use but still have life in them. Discard items as appropriate. Warm-weather clothes should be made more accessible.

Outdoor maintenance. Do a tune-up outside before summer weather arrives. Here’s a list of ideas:

Roof. Inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles. Roof damage should be repaired to prevent leaks from spring and summer showers.

Gutters. The pros at Today's Homeowner recommend cleaning gutters and downspouts regularly. Allowing debris to collect can create blockages, leading to costly damage to your home.

Garage. Spring is the perfect time to tidy up your garage before summer. It’s an opportune time to install organizing systems to hang sleds, snow shovels, and similar items out of the way.

Deck. Examine your deck for weathered or worn wood, paying special attention to parts that meet the ground. Make repairs and replace damage as necessary. Clean away dirt and debris to discourage deterioration.

Outdoor furniture. Bring your outdoor furniture out of hiding and dust off those cobwebs. Replace any rotten furniture or seat cushions so that you are prepared for that first outdoor gathering.

Pool. According to the experts at Do It Yourself, properly opening your pool at the beginning of the season is very important. Follow this procedure:

1. Remove the pool cover.

2. Check and/or adjust the water level.

3. Check chemical levels.

4. Replenish supplies (cleaning gear, safety equipment, etc.)

Your to-do list is ready. You can get ahead on tending to home maintenance tasks before the seasons change. Do some deep cleaning and take care of your home’s exterior by following the simple steps outlined in these guidelines. You and your home will be ready for warmer weather, and you’ll have peace of mind when it’s time to blow up the pool floats.

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