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Radiant Barrier & Attic Insulation


Radiant Barrier & Attic Insulation

Keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with blown in attic insulation and radiant barrier sprays and foil



Radiant Barrier Spray is a reflective coating(paint) that blocks up to 80% of the Sun’s Heat from Entering your home and can help keep the attic up to 30 degrees cooler, which saves you, the home owner, significant sums of money over the years. As far as the reflective coating paints is concerned, there are two brands (sprays) available on the market today that reflect such a high percentage of the sun’s radiant heat, and ours is one of them.

Installed on the attic decking (the underside of the roof), this spray reflects the sun’s radiant energy “heat” away from your roof.  During the summer months it helps to reflect the heat away from your attic, while the insulation absorbs heat and proper ventilation draws excess heat out of the attic. The process works in the opposite way during the winter months when the home is being heated; during which it reflects back as much as 80% of the heat from escaping through the roof.  The method of applying is affordable and has a minimal installation time, hence starts working immediately.  It is applied as a thin paint that ensures maximum coverage, and leaves no gaps or wasted spaces, and the typical project is completed within one day.

We use the same spray originally used by the U.S. military to hide the heat signatures from vehicles to make them invisible to heat-seeking missiles and heat scanners. Therefore, it works extremely well to shield attics from absorbing as much as 80% of the heat.

It works year round to help increase your home comfort and aid in reducing your energy consumption.   Start saving $ today!  Call for affordable Insulators & Services today to find out which Radiant Barrier product is the best choice for your home.